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Yee Targeted for Recall Over Marijuana Stance

Yee targeted for recall over marijuana stance
Ethan Orr, R-Tucson, was approved unanimously by the House. And it also contains things Yee wants like funding programs to encourage those younger than 24 who are not medical marijuana users to avoid the drug. But Yee will not give HB 2333 a… Continue reading

Drug Addict Help???????

Question by Hanna: Drug addict help???????
My boyfriend is a recovering drug addict. I think he may have relapsed. Im not sure if maybe im just paranoid or if he really did. He goes to N.A meetings 3 times a week which i think might be… Continue reading

Community Support to Stem Teen Drug Addiction in the Social Network

Community support to stem teen drug addiction in the social network
adolescent drug addiction intervention and recovery center in Roseville, was also a featured speaker at the event. “I am so impressed by the lengths that Woodcreek took to educate their parents about drug and alcohol use amongst teens,” she… Continue reading

Government Roles Towards Eradication of Drug Abuse/addiction?

Question by iwezor: government roles towards eradication of drug abuse/addiction?

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Answer by UpAtNight
AKA, the War on Drugs. It’s not working. And they are overzealous in trying to control the medical aspect of prescribing drugs for pain control. People who need it are not getting… Continue reading

What Is the Treatment for Alcohol and Drugs?

Question by : what is the treatment for alcohol and drugs?

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Answer by maps3333
no treatment for alcohol. you drink in moderation or dont drink at all or lose everything for eternity depends on the drugs

Answer by Nitram
you haven’t said what you want treating.… Continue reading

Links to Videos Online About Childhood Trauma Leading to Future Substance Abuse/drug Addiction?

Question by musicandhearts: Links to videos online about childhood trauma leading to future substance abuse/drug addiction?
I’m writing a research paper and my professor would like us to include some sort of media other than just articles as our sources. I am trying to find at least two… Continue reading

I Am Looking for a Sympathetic Pain Management Doctor in Fort Wort Area…?

Question by cordn8or22: I am looking for a sympathetic pain management Doctor in Fort Wort area…?
I am tired of being treated like a criminal for being in pain. I was in a car accident about 7 years ago and have been in sever pain since. I have… Continue reading

Free Drug Rehab Centers in Utah |Drug Addiction Rehab Centers

Free Drug Rehab Centers in Utah |Drug Addiction Rehab Centers — http://rehabcentersinutah.net Free Drug Rehab Centers in Utah offers detox, counseling, and more for alcohol, drug, and prescription drug addiction in reside…

UFC 173 offers opportunity for UFC to prove seriousness on drug testing issue
The proof that WADA "full… Continue reading