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3rd Generation Continues Shoe Repair Trade

3rd generation continues shoe repair trade
OK, to the unpracticed eye, both sides look impossibly cluttered. In reality, you're seeing ordered chaos, which lends the mom-n-pop shop … "We have a deep de-salting treatment. Then, I add a conditioner, and I polish them out," Spizzirri tells a …
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Drug Addict Help???????

Question by Hanna: Drug addict help???????
My boyfriend is a recovering drug addict. I think he may have relapsed. Im not sure if maybe im just paranoid or if he really did. He goes to N.A meetings 3 times a week which i think might be… Continue reading

How Can I Find Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers in Yucca Valley, California?

Question by ahtziri s: How can I find alcohol addiction treatment centers in Yucca Valley, California?
My brother has been gobbling up way too much liquor for the past five months or so, and I’m terribly worried. His work has been badly affected… Continue reading

Government Roles Towards Eradication of Drug Abuse/addiction?

Question by iwezor: government roles towards eradication of drug abuse/addiction?

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Answer by UpAtNight
AKA, the War on Drugs. It’s not working. And they are overzealous in trying to control the medical aspect of prescribing drugs for pain control. People who need it are not getting… Continue reading

Dayton Judge Launches Drug Court for Women

Dayton judge launches drug court for women
DAYTON, Ohio — A Dayton judge is starting a drug court targeting female defendants to address larger issues that are bringing more women into the justice system. Montgomery County judge Gregory Singer proposed the idea after years of seeing female …
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Poor Oxytocin Development Could Be to Blame for Alcohol and Drug Addiction – Medical News Today

Poor oxytocin development could be to blame for alcohol and drug addiction – Medical News Today

Poor oxytocin development could be to blame for alcohol and drug addiction
Medical News Today
New research from the University of Adelaide in Australia suggests that poor development of oxytocin in early childhood… Continue reading

Why Don’t Ex-Drug Addicts Recover Though They Worked the 12 Steps and Been to Rehab a Lot & They Keep Relapsin

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by SS&SS

Question by Nina Powers: why don’t ex-drug addicts recover though they worked the 12 steps and been to rehab a lot & they keep relapsin
my son has been drug addict 4 like 15 years & tried every step in the book but in vain,now he’s sober for… Continue reading

FAQ: Drug Addiction Treatment

FAQ: Drug Addiction Treatment
Why do most addicted individuals need professional treatment to stay clean and sober? Why can’t they just quit on their own? How long does treatment last? Get the answers to these and other frequently asked questions about drug and alcohol …
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