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Sabres Notebook: Ehrhoff Could Be the Next to Leave Town

Sabres notebook: Ehrhoff could be the next to leave town
Christian Ehrhoff is scheduled to play in Buffalo until 2021. He may not make it to Thursday. The Sabres have … “It hasn't been what everybody expected,” Ehrhoff said in First Niagara Center before Friday's 4-2 win over San Jose.… Continue reading

Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers | the Best Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers for Men


Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers | The Best Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers for Men – http://blueprintsforrecovery.com Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers – In this video, you will learn what Inpatient Drug Rehab centers are and why they can save the…


Philanthropy blooms from rose's success

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment: Drug & Alcohol Abuse


Dual Diagnosis Treatment: Drug & Alcohol Abuse – Many people who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction may also encounter anxiety and depression. Other mental health issues common to someone struggling w…


Pennsylvania Hospital Opens America's First Treatment Center for Internet Addicts

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Do People With Drug Addictions Go to Mental Hospitals or Institutions?

Question by Audrey Rickard: Do people with drug addictions go to mental hospitals or institutions?
I am writing a one act play and the characters are living in a mental hospital. One suffers from hallucinations and schizophrenia. The other is a heroin addict and the last suffers from social… Continue reading

Where Can I Find a Good Drug Rehab Facility in Fl?

Question by larsonater@rocketmail.com: Where can I find a good drug rehab facility in Fl?
I am looking for drug rehab facility in the South FL area. Can any one recommend me some?

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Answer by J. Scott
There are quite a few actually, it just depends where in… Continue reading

HIV Linked to Higher Chance of Heart Attack

HIV linked to higher chance of heart attack

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Researchers aren't sure what explains the higher heart attack rate in HIV-positive people, but they speculate it's a combination of the effects of HIV itself and the antiretroviral drugs used to treat it. … Just over 1.1… Continue reading

Teen Drug Rehab Program Helps Addict


Teen Drug Rehab Program helps addict – A heroin and crack addicted teen talks about his progress in the teen drug rehabilitation program at Brighton Center for Recovery in Michigan. The best drug and alcohol addiction help is what Brighton is all about. Brighton Center for Recovery is the… Continue reading

California Drug Treatment – Video FAQs About Drug Abuse Los Angeles CA


California Drug Treatment – Video FAQs about Drug Abuse Los Angeles CA – Mario a primary counselor at Above it All Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center describes some of the small steps required to live addiction free.


Lou Ruvo Center lands grant to study MS

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