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How Can I Find Housing/treatment to Help Son? (Violent/suicidal Delusions, Hallucinations, ? Drug Withdrawal?)?

Question by Malynne: How can I find housing/treatment to help son? (violent/suicidal delusions, hallucinations, ? drug withdrawal?)?
I need long term rehabilitation & then appropriate housing. He should not live alone & he won’t be able to live with me.

We are in East Tennessee. I am looking for… Continue reading

Narconon Nepal Drug Rehabilitation


Narconon Nepal Drug Rehabilitation – Drug Rehab in Nepal is using the drug withdrawal method (without the use of other substitute drugs) and then doing the sauna detox to sweat out the toxins from the body. Narconon Nepal is one of the 120 groups and centers around the world… Continue reading

New Drug Rehab Program Rolling Out in Massac County

New drug rehab program rolling out in Massac County

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METROPOLIS, Ill. – It's a call Saundra McCurdy would rather not have to take. But the calls and the stories are endless. "They tell you about their past. There is a lot of tears. They have come… Continue reading

Justice Reinvestment in Oklahoma


Justice Reinvestment in Oklahoma – After more than half a year of intensive analysis and collaboration, a bipartisan group of Oklahoma leaders today released a report on how to reduce violent crime statewide by 10 percent by 2016 and provide post-prison supervision for all felons while containing growth in… Continue reading

Drug Treatment Centers Texas

For Expectant Mothers, Chagas Disease Is Cause for Concern

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In order to develop new Chagas disease medicines the nonprofit Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative (DNDi) is advancing a new class of drugs to treat the disease. Concurrently, the Sabin Vaccine Institute and Texas Children's… Continue reading