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Headache: How Do You Treat Medication Overuse?

Headache: How do you treat medication overuse?
Four experts in headache treatment offered their thoughts: David Watson, MD, director of the Headache Center at West Virginia University in Morgantown, W.Va., Joel Saper, MD, director of the Michigan Headache and Neurological Institute in Ann Arbor …
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Are There Drug Rehabs in or Near Portland Oregon Free if You Don’t Have Insurance or Income?

Question by Dawn: are there drug rehabs in or near portland oregon free if you don’t have insurance or income?
I am trying to find a treatment center that offers residential to those who do not have any health insurance or any source of income. I am looking for one… Continue reading

Baby's HIV 'Cure' Might Signal New Approach

Baby's HIV 'Cure' Might Signal New Approach

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The child, whose mother was HIV-positive, was started on triple-drug therapy 30 hours after birth, according to Deborah Persaud, MD, of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and colleagues. After about 18 months of therapy, she… Continue reading

Aleena Sadownyk Treatment: Alberta to Pay for Drugs for 3-Year-Old With

Aleena Sadownyk Treatment: Alberta To Pay For Drugs For 3-Year-Old With

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Aleena was initially denied funding for the treatment under the Alberta Rare Diseases Funding Program, but was approved Monday under the Short Term Exceptional Drug Therapy program, which provides the treatment… Continue reading

Houston Drug Rehab Detox _ 877-667-4695 _ Houston Drug Abuse Intervention Counseling


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FDA: Fungus found in Tenn. drug compounder

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How Will I Get to Find Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Baden, Pennsylvania?

Question by alisia t: How will I get to find substance abuse treatment centers in Baden, Pennsylvania?
I’m doing a paper regarding prescription drug addiction and I really want to get to know the persons who are afflicted with such a disorder.

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Therapy to Help Close Revolving Door on Prisons and Jails

Therapy to help close revolving door on prisons and jails

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The program, developed in the '80s as drug therapy for offenders in Tennessee, expanded over the years and now is used to treat a variety of problems, including antisocial behavior, juvenile delinquency and sex… Continue reading

Cost of Living Key Issue for Federal Election, Adelaidenow Survey Shows

Cost of living key issue for federal election, Adelaidenow survey shows

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CRIME concerns – including hoon drivers, drugs and graffiti – were among the top issues for voters in the Labor-held seats of Makin and Hindmarsh. ASSIMILATION of migrants into the community stood out… Continue reading