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Branford, East Haven Suspects in Kathy Hardy Arson Death Trial Hire High

Branford, East Haven suspects in Kathy Hardy arson death trial hire high
Wilson-Foley was accused of hiring Rowland as a campaign consultant but hid $ 35,000 in payments by running the cash through her husband's nursing home, Apple Rehab, in order to hide his identity. … prosecutor assigned by… Continue reading

Craig Operates on Boomer's Thumbnail

Craig operates on Boomer's thumbnail
New York Giants safety Will Hill reportedly failed yet another drug test and faces a suspension for violating the NFL's drug policy. Boomer … Baltimore Orioles center fielder Adam Jones joins Boomer and Carton to share his thoughts on fans running on …
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Christie Speaks With Compassion on Drug Addiction and Treatment

Christie speaks with compassion on drug addiction and treatment
(CNN) – Republican Gov. Chris Christie teamed up with former Democratic Gov. Jim McGreevey to talk about drug addiction on Thursday, the same day Christie signed a bill aimed to improve treatment programs in New Jersey correctional facilities and county jails.… Continue reading

Is There a in-Patient Treatment Center for Cocaine in Anchorage, Alaska That Is Sliding Scale Fee or Free?

Question by Vicki G: Is there a in-patient treatment center for Cocaine in Anchorage, Alaska that is sliding scale fee or free?
My son is addicted to cocaine and needs help before he kills himself. I don’t have the money to send him to a treatment center and wonder if… Continue reading

Heroin 'Filled the Hole': For Kid From Suburbs, Pot Was First Stop on Road to

Heroin 'filled the hole': For kid from suburbs, pot was first stop on road to
When Lewis snorted his first line at age 18, he'd already used almost every imaginable drug: Marijuana. Cocaine. LSD. Ecstasy. Mushrooms. Pills. Heroin … Though his mother tried different approaches — punishment, lectures, praise… Continue reading

Yee Targeted for Recall Over Marijuana Stance

Yee targeted for recall over marijuana stance
Ethan Orr, R-Tucson, was approved unanimously by the House. And it also contains things Yee wants like funding programs to encourage those younger than 24 who are not medical marijuana users to avoid the drug. But Yee will not give HB 2333 a… Continue reading

Drug Addict Help???????

Question by Hanna: Drug addict help???????
My boyfriend is a recovering drug addict. I think he may have relapsed. Im not sure if maybe im just paranoid or if he really did. He goes to N.A meetings 3 times a week which i think might be… Continue reading

Medical Marijuana a Dilemma for NJ Transit Worker

Medical marijuana a dilemma for NJ Transit worker
Charlie Davis, who used medical marijuana while a transit worker, was sent to rehab for failing a drug test. Charlie Davis was a lead clerk in NJ Transit's … “I told her, 'Ma'am, I am not on drugs. This is medical marijuana.'Ÿ”.… Continue reading