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Radel Resigns Months After Cocaine Bust

Radel resigns months after cocaine bust

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MIAMI (AP) — After going through rehab for cocaine and alcohol abuse and pledging that he would work through his problems to regain his Florida constituents' trust, Trey Radel's short career in Congress ended with a whimper yesterday.… Continue reading

Carol Burnett Vies for Grammy With Memoir

Carol Burnett vies for Grammy with memoir

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It's Hamilton's vibrant, resilient spirit that dominates "Carrie and Me," even as the book chronicles the tough, three-year fight she and her family waged against her drug use. A heavy cigarette habit she developed during rehab led… Continue reading

California Lawmaker Seeks Measure That Would Outlaw 'affluenza' Defense

California lawmaker seeks measure that would outlaw 'affluenza' defense

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Mike Gatto, the California assemblyman, recalled hearing about the Texas teenager who was sentenced last month to rehab instead of prison for killing four people in a drunk-driving car accident, the report said. Prosecutors had… Continue reading

Film Shorts

Film Shorts

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Dumbbells (NR) Jay Mohr stars in this comedy as a former basketball star trying to rehab a knee injury at a rundown gym. Also with … Still, the musical number alone, with Ron singing a tender ballad to a baby shark, is… Continue reading

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US Rep. Radel will not resign after coke bust

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At a news conference held the same day he left a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, the 37-year-old freshman told reporters at… Continue reading

Republicans Call on Florida Congressman to Resign

Republicans call on Florida congressman to resign

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An aide to a U.S. Congressman who recently pleaded guilty to cocaine possession says the Republican is focusing on rehab and will return to work as soon as possible, despite calls from party leaders in Florida for… Continue reading

A Primer for Doctor Who's 'Day of the Doctor' Episode

A Primer For Doctor Who's 'Day of the Doctor' Episode

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There is 35-year-old Alessandro Lisi, his close friend and sometimes driver, who is presently contesting drug charges, as well as an extortion charge arising from his alleged attempt to recover a video of Ford… Continue reading

Man Run Over on 287

Man run over on 287

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She said she was attempting to take him to a rehab facility in Dallas for his drinking and drug abuse. … He was transported by Wise County medics to Wise Regional Health System in Decatur and flown from there… Continue reading