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Anyone Who Has Overcome Addiction to cocaine…I Could Use Some Words Right Now.?

Question by lina.trepasso: anyone who has overcome addiction to cocaine…I could use some words right now.?

i appreciate everyones kind words, i just am struggling, I started using 2 years ago and haven’t stopped, I am a teacher and in law school, and i just wish i could be satisfied… Continue reading

Successful Addiction Recovery Is Not About Handouts

Successful Addiction Recovery is Not about Handouts — http://paulgarrigan.com/

Snail And Tortoise Sweaters Really Do Exist, And They're Surprisingly Adorable
Have you ever dreamt of dressing up your pet tortoise or snail? Now you can, and their outfits can be as creative as you want. A Christmas tree? Done.… Continue reading

“Graveyard or Prison Yard”


“Graveyard or Prison Yard” – If not for VVSD’s treatment program, Jim Gaston says he would have ended up in either the graveyard or the prison yard. Now a culinary specialist at VVSD, Jim has fought his way out of more than 30 years of substance abuse. Jim epitomizes… Continue reading

Trying to Understand the Addiction to RX Drugs Prescription?

Question by evel: Trying to understand the Addiction to RX drugs Prescription?
Im trying to understand the Addiction to pain meds ….. I have seen my Ex throw her life away for these drugs Lost me a hard working guy who took care of her Children she lost her… Continue reading

What Measures Have Been Taken in the Past to Provide Rehab to Drug Users Through Governmental Funding?

Question by Lauren: What measures have been taken in the past to provide rehab to drug users through governmental funding?
One of my few issues with Barack Obama’s platform is a fraction of his stance on HIV/AIDS prevention. I don’t understand why he believes in funding a needle exchange… Continue reading

Thieves Raiding Medicine Cabinets at Open Houses

Thieves raiding medicine cabinets at open houses

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The value of pain pills on the street is another reason open houses are becoming prime targets for drug thieves. Amara Durham with Caron Texas, a non-profit rehabilitation and treatment center, said drug addicts and drug pushers stand… Continue reading