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Facing Cape Cod’s Drug Addiction Crisis

Facing Cape Cod’s drug addiction crisis
“I’m a person in recovery for about 30 years,” she added. “I lost a sister years ago to an addiction problem. Back then, I didn’t know quite what all the dynamics were.” If there were a shooting in Boston, the first question is where… Continue reading

Virginia Drug Rehab Centers


Virginia drug rehab centers – http://www.info-drug-rehab.com/virginia.html.


Sun Street drug prevention program stays open with help of donations

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One of several operations run by the nonprofit Sun Street Centers, the prevention program goes into schools to teach students about the dangers of… Continue reading

Task Force Still Pushing for Southern West Virginia Detox Clinic

Task force still pushing for southern West Virginia detox clinic

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The facility would be in addition to a new 10-bed women's treatment facility being developed for McDowell County in conjunction with Southern Highlands, according to Kimberly Walsh, deputy commissioner for the Bureau… Continue reading

Drug Addiction and Abuse Will Not Stop if Drugs Are Legalised

Drug addiction and abuse will not stop if drugs are legalised

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She's wrong. That war is destructive and unwinnable, yes, but alcohol being legal doesn't make alcoholism any easier to treat, or less likely to occur. Ditto for drugs. The real problem is… Continue reading