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McKinney Drug Alcohol Rehab Video

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Designer drugs put youths at risk, but recipe changes tie officers' hands
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Police Blotter

Police Blotter
After searching the vehicle, police seized drug paraphernalia and a white powder, believed to be ecstasy. Police arrested Carl Bechtel, 18, of Cherokee and Alan Perry, 19, of Fort Dodge. … Additional charges are pending analysis at the Iowa State DCI …
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Drug Addiction??????

Question by beauty mirna: drug addiction??????
what is drug addiction and how can someone get cured from it?

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Answer by Ayumi
Drug addiction…is when you get addict to drugs obviously? You need lots of help to get cured most of the time.

Answer by Rockinrose
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Drug May Help Feline Fans With Allergies Own Cats

Drug may help feline fans with allergies own cats
CLICK 'ON T-V' AND 'AS SEEN ON'. FIRE ALERT IN BERNALILLO. A breakthrough study on cat allergies is being conducted in Albuquerque. … “If the person is extremely sensitive then the message gets sent through the blood stream into the chest… Continue reading

Asheville Area Wins, Loses in House Budget

Asheville area wins, loses in House budget

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The state Senate budget called for closing both the Julian F. Keith Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center and Buncombe Correctional Center, which employ a total of more than 260 people, but the budget plan set… Continue reading

Where Can Ex-Offenders and Convicted Felons Find Jobs


Where can ex-offenders and convicted felons find jobs – http://howfelonscangetjobs.blogspot.com Ex-offenders and felons will have a lot more success if they use all of the resources available to the to get jobs.


Supreme Court disciplines 29 attorneys

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Snowden Baits Journalists Into Taking Moscow-to-Havana Flight

Snowden baits journalists into taking Moscow-to-Havana flight

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Edward Snowden may have just pulled his greatest — or at least his most hilarious — con so far. In a move that Frank Abagnale (also known as Leonardo DiCaprio's character in “Catch Me if You Can”)… Continue reading

Paris Hilton Sympathises With Lindsay Lohan Over Legal Troubles

Paris Hilton sympathises with Lindsay Lohan over legal troubles

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I haven't seen her in a while but I wish her the best… Hopefully this (rehab stint) helps her." The hotel heiress appears to have turned her life around after a string of drug and… Continue reading