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Rev. Smith Says Goodbye to City

Rev. Smith says goodbye to city
Under his direction, the church implemented several programs and services, such as the New Members Training Class, the Board of Christian Education, the Food Share Program, the Prison Ministry, Boys and Girls Scouts, drug and alcohol rehabilitation …
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Will It Be a Crime to “Annoy” a Cop? #N3


Will It Be a Crime to “Annoy” a Cop? #N3 – ALBANY, New York — A measure approved by the New York State Senate on June 5 would make it a felony to “harass, annoy, or threaten a police officer while on…


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What Red Hot Chili Peppers Songs Are About Drugs?

Question by kylra: what red hot chili peppers songs are about drugs?
i already know strip my mind and she looks to me

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I will give you an exhaustive list of RHCP songs that are about drugs. my friend. I’ll go as chronologically as… Continue reading

San Francisco Drug Treatment.mp4


San Francisco Drug Treatment.mp4 – A brief bio on the Reliance Center of San Francisco and how we have helped patients all over the bay area overcome drug, alcohol and marijuana addictions wit…


Suspended Rangers' Nelson Cruz to work out in Dominican

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NJ Panel Dismisses Ethics Complaint Against Monmouth County Legislator

NJ panel dismisses ethics complaint against Monmouth County legislator

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Angelini's vote against pot decriminalization bill last year, as well as her sponsorship of a bill mandating drug treatment through a drug court program for people convicted of non-violent drug offenses, appear to be "motivated… Continue reading

Charlotte Alcohol Treatment Centers (704) 665-1880 – Alcohol Rehab


Charlotte Alcohol Treatment Centers (704) 665-1880 – Alcohol Rehab – http://www.CharlotteDrugTreatmentCenters.com (704) 665-1880 Serving the Greater Charlotte, NC area. In addition to our standard treatment and rehab programs,…


Are Human Genes Patentable?

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Mental Illness and Disorders-Well Defined by the DSM 5

Mental illness and disorders-well defined by the DSM 5

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Some pre-existing issues such as drug addiction is now front and center. In years before, there were no rehabilitation clinics and today, they number in the thousands. Children exposed to rapidly altering mental landscapes due… Continue reading

Rx Drug Abuse Rates Steadily Climb—Suncoast Rehab Details Warning Signs

Rx Drug Abuse Rates Steadily Climb—Suncoast Rehab Details Warning Signs

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Suncoast Rehab Center (SRC), a Spring Hill drug rehab facility with a 76% success rate, believes that awareness of the signals of addiction can prevent the climb of abuse rates and potentially save lives.… Continue reading