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Smiley: State Book Blues

Smiley: State book blues
… colors and sizes” for a labyrinth on the lawn of the Old Governor's Mansion on Earth Day, Sunday, April 27. At the end of the day after people have walked through the labyrinth, the shoes are donated to St. Vincent de Paul or the Cenikor… Continue reading

Ted J. Tingelhoff

Ted J. Tingelhoff
A donation will be made to the Nebraska Family Works Program, a residential substance abuse treatment center operated through Heartland Family Service located in Omaha. Copyright 2014 Sioux City Journal. All rights reserved. This material may not be …
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Obama gets bill… Continue reading

Mindfulness Training Helps Lower Blood Pressure

Mindfulness training helps lower blood pressure

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Becoming mindful – focusing attention and awareness on the moment – may sound like a New Age mantra, but researchers from Ohio claim that it can lower blood pressure to the extent that it could prevent or… Continue reading

Florida Drug Addiction and Alcoholism Rehab


Florida Drug Addiction and Alcoholism Rehab – http://www.transformationstreatment.com/ Florida rehab Transformations is leading the way with new and innovative treatment methods for clients seeking relie…


Oak Hill nurse suspended for taking patient pain meds

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Rather than revoking her nursing license, Paliy… Continue reading

What Is the Role of a Drug Intervention Specialist?

Question by ashtyn s: What is the role of a drug intervention specialist?
Why are drug interventions done when the person can just undergo addiction treatment?

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The role of a drug intervention specialist is to facilitate a drug intervention for the drug dependent… Continue reading

What Does Drug Intervention Actually Mean?

Question by destinie s: What does drug intervention actually mean?
I’ve heard a lot of people talk about drug intervention and I don’t have any idea about it. I am interested to know because one of my family members is a victim of drug abuse. We are planning to… Continue reading

What Activities or Sessions Are Included in Drug Interventions?

Question by smart alec: What activities or sessions are included in drug interventions?
After three years of heroin addiction, I finally raised the white flag. I give up. I had a long heart-to-heart talk with my mother and we both decided that allowing other people to intervene with my… Continue reading

New Jersey Drug Rehab Detox | 877 677 4695 | New Jersey Substance Abuse Drug Treatment


New Jersey Drug Rehab Detox | 877 677 4695 | New Jersey Substance Abuse Drug Treatment – Drug Rehab Detox | 877-677-4695 | Substance Abuse Treatment http://alcoholdrugrehabusa.blogspot.com drug detoxification, drug Rehab, drug Intervention, drug …


Sharon Osbourne Opens Up About Ozzy Osbourne's Drug Use: 'I'm Devastated

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