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Prescription Drug Abuse: Healthbeat Brooklyn

Prescription Drug Abuse: Healthbeat Brooklyn — Prescription Drug Abuse: Addiction to prescription drugs is on the rise. Andrew Kolodny, MD, Chair of Psychiatry at Maimonides, tells host Monica Sweeney, MD…

Jamaican arrested in New York drug bust
The website said the record haul came after US Drug Enforcement Administration agents… Continue reading

Amphetamine Abuse (Strange Symptom)?

Question by lancee813: Amphetamine Abuse (strange symptom)?
I know someone (60 yrs. old) who was abusing dexadrine and then adderall for over a year, during this time I noticed that they were constantly humming this short tune, over and over and over again, all the time. This humming began around… Continue reading

GSK China Probe Flags Up Wider Concerns

GSK China probe flags up wider concerns

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A medical student in a leading Shanghai hospital says: “The supervising doctor in my department sees as many as 80 patients in a morning, and prescribes as much as Rmb100,000 worth of drugs. She definitely takes commissions… Continue reading

Heroin Makes a Comeback

Heroin Makes a Comeback

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Heroin seizures at the Southwest border, from Texas to California, ballooned to 1,989 kilograms in fiscal 2012 from 487 kilograms in 2008, according to figures from the Drug Enforcement Administration. The heroin scourge has been driven largely by a… Continue reading

Can I Carry Concealed in Ohio With OPOTA Certification Coming Home From Work? What Is the Legal Way ?

Question by PittBullProtection: Can I carry concealed in ohio with OPOTA certification coming home from work? What is the legal way ?
I am a licensed ( Class A ) PI in the state of Ohio. Also i hold my certifications from Roger Polk’s NRA/ CCW training completion certification.… Continue reading

NJ Panel Dismisses Ethics Complaint Against Monmouth County Legislator

NJ panel dismisses ethics complaint against Monmouth County legislator

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Angelini's vote against pot decriminalization bill last year, as well as her sponsorship of a bill mandating drug treatment through a drug court program for people convicted of non-violent drug offenses, appear to be "motivated… Continue reading

Best Drug Rehabilitation Manistee, Michigan


Best Drug Rehabilitation Manistee, Michigan – Subscribe the channel more Rehab Videos. http://www.youtube.com/rehabfacilities Tag:rehabilitation ankle rehabilitation exercises hips rehabilitation exercis…


DEARBORN : Suspended officer pleads no contest to ' super drunk ' charge

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Krawczyk, an 18-year veteran, was the department's officer… Continue reading

Provision: Private Sector Role Remains Elusive

Provision: Private sector role remains elusive

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Even if the best long-term approach to distributing malaria treatments is via the public health system with no direct charge to patients, failures in supply and the long distance to clinics mean many buy drugs from private… Continue reading