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What Is the Drug Dabrafenib; Does It Treat Cancer?

Question by Kevin7: What is the drug dabrafenib; does it treat cancer?
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Answer by Tarkarri
It has been shown to be useful in treating metastatic melanoma.

Keep in mind that cancer is NOT a single disease and different treatments work for different types of… Continue reading

"The Cape Is Experiencing an Inordinate Amount of Overdoses." – Therese Murray

"The Cape is experiencing an inordinate amount of overdoses." – Therese Murray
The 13.9 per 100,000 rate of drug-induced deaths in Massachusetts is also well above the national per capita rate of 12.8. Murray said a … Individuals with substance abuse problems or their family members can ask a judge… Continue reading

Research and Markets: Drug Addiction Partnering 2009-2014 Research Report

Research and Markets: Drug Addiction Partnering 2009-2014 Research Report
Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/bcr9nh/drug_addiction) has announced the addition of the “Drug Addiction Partnering 2009-2014” report to their offering. Drug Addiction Partnering 2009-2014 report provides …
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Study: Doctors are fueling prescription-drug addictions
LOS ANGELES — Doctors are… Continue reading

Has Anyone Gone to a Residental Drug Rehab Center or Known Someone That Has and Would Recommend It?

Question by SHELTIELUVER: Has anyone gone to a residental drug rehab center or known someone that has and would recommend it?
I desperately need to get into a drug rehab center but I’d like to go to a fairly nice one. The problem is that they’re so expensive! I… Continue reading

Obama Administration Pushes Drug Courts

Obama Administration Pushes Drug Courts

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An unlikely bunch gathered just south of Washington, D.C., Monday at Maryland's National Harbor: White House Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske, actor Matthew Perry, and former crack and heroin addicts. They were there to talk about drug courts –… Continue reading

Define Substance Abuse and Treatment Options


Define Substance Abuse and Treatment Options – http://www.hawaiiislandrecovery.com Call 866-515-5032 To start on a path to recovery addicts must understand substance abuse and treatment options. Call 866-…


Obama Drug Czar Wants Treatment and Arrests at the Same Time

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That's the message that the… Continue reading

Drug Rehab Clinic 'Linked to Scientology Is Raided in Georgia Over Insurance

Drug rehab clinic 'linked to Scientology is raided in Georgia over insurance

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A drug rehab believed to be tied to the church of Scientology is under investigation for insurance fraud after a former patient claimed the center charged her insurance company $ 166,000… Continue reading

Lehigh County Opens New Drug and Alcohol Center

Lehigh County opens new drug and alcohol center

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Lehigh County's new drug and alcohol treatment center is a stone's throw from the county's work release prison — a constant reminder of where addicts are likely to end up if they don't get help. Retired Gen.… Continue reading