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Drug Charges in Phoenix, ArizonA


Drug Charges in Phoenix, ArizonA – This is David Black. Today we’re going to talk about drug cases. Drug cases can be divided into two main classifications: • Drug possession cases or • Drug s…


Van Wert County Court news

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How Much Jail Time Might I Do if I Turn Myself in on My Warrent?

Question by stil runnin: How much jail time might I do if I turn myself in on my warrent?
In 2004 I caught my second felony possesion charge. I recieved a 4 month treatment program and 18 months probation for my crime. I completed the 4 month treatment program… Continue reading

Agencies Prepare for Flood's Effects on Mental Health

Agencies prepare for flood's effects on mental health

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I think it's just something we need to be aware of,” said Stacey Petersen, executive director of the Fresh Start Recovery Centre, a residential alcohol and drug addiction treatment centre in Calgary. “From our standpoint …… Continue reading

NJ Panel Dismisses Ethics Complaint Against Monmouth County Legislator

NJ panel dismisses ethics complaint against Monmouth County legislator

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Angelini's vote against pot decriminalization bill last year, as well as her sponsorship of a bill mandating drug treatment through a drug court program for people convicted of non-violent drug offenses, appear to be "motivated… Continue reading

Proposition 36 in Drug Cases: How It Works


Proposition 36 in Drug Cases: How it Works – More info at http://www.shouselaw.com/proposition-36.html In California law, Proposition 36 is a program that allows people convicted of certain nonviolent d…


Regional roundup

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Henderson ordered the $ 969 forfeited to the drug task… Continue reading

Around 150 New Laws Taking Effect in Illinois

Around 150 New Laws Taking Effect in Illinois

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One new law will play a big role in upcoming drug cases – the statute now allows first time offenders who are caught with less than 15 grams of meth to be eligible for drug… Continue reading

Kentucky Part of Prescription Drug Abuse Initiative

Kentucky part of prescription drug abuse initiative

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Kentucky is one of seven states that will take part in a national initiative targeting prescription drug abuse, a scourge that tears apart thousands of families across the state. The initiative, hosted by the National Governors Association, seeks… Continue reading