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Inmates Tame Wild Horses — and Save Taxpayers Money

Inmates tame wild horses — and save taxpayers money — Breaking a wild horse is not an easy job, but at one ranch in Utah, it’s the best job. That’s because the horses at the Hard Time Corral are tamed by prison …

Owner of troubled youth ranch backs off… Continue reading

Engel: First, Prevent and Treat Drug Addiction – Cincinnati.com

Engel: First, prevent and treat drug addiction – Cincinnati.com

Engel: First, prevent and treat drug addiction
It is my belief that the best way to undermine the death grip the Mexican drug cartels have on their own country and the Northern Kentucky community and others is to immediately provide… Continue reading

Calif. Man Charged in Black Market Drug Scheme

Calif. man charged in black market drug scheme

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Ulbricht first came to the attention of federal agents in 2011 when they figured out he was "altoid," someone who they say was marketing Silk Road on other drug-related websites the FBI was watching. In October… Continue reading

Congress Takes Passive Stance as D.C. Fires Up Medicinal Pot Program

Congress takes passive stance as D.C. fires up medicinal pot program

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City health officials said the District's nascent program hasn't raised the ire of federal lawmakers or Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.'s Justice Department so far, although only nine D.C. patients have… Continue reading

How Can a Person Who Has Low-Income Find a Good Addiction Treatment Program?

Question by ashleigh h: How can a person who has low-income find a good addiction treatment program?
I know addiction treatment programs cost much. How about those who want to change but can’t afford to go to addiction treatment centers? Especially those who are unemployed?

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Public Record: Chillicothe Municipal Court

Public record: Chillicothe Municipal Court

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Disorderly conduct — Richard A. McGhee, 18, of 3907 W. Junction Road, case dismissed without prejudice because State did not think it could present facts sufficient to sustain a conviction. … Operating a vehicle impaired — Bernard Berry,… Continue reading

Alabama Officials Inspecting Drug Rehab Centers for Possible Hazards

Alabama officials inspecting drug rehab centers for possible hazards

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ANNISTON | State inspectors have cited a handful of drug rehabilitation centers for fire safety violations, and they are checking facilities statewide to make sure others are complying with codes. State Fire Marshal Edward Paulk told The… Continue reading

Lohan Adderall: Lindsay Addicted to ADD Drug, Wants Prescription Pills in

Lohan Adderall: Lindsay Addicted To ADD Drug, Wants Prescription Pills In

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The agreement that was approved by a California judge two weeks ago includes 90 days of residential rehab, 18 months of psychological counseling and 30 days of community service. Still, Lohan… Continue reading