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Preppy Drug Bust High on Hype

Preppy Drug Bust High on Hype
But to hear local law enforcement officials tell it, it was the epicenter of one of the most audacious criminal drug conspiracies to hit the swanky Main Line corridor since the 1980s, when Larry Lavin—the Ivy League-educated dentist the media dubbed …
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Expensive Haul Up for Grabs

Expensive haul up for grabs
These are just some of the suspected ill-gotten gains that could soon be coming to an auction house near you after being seized in massive drug busts on the Gold Coast in recent weeks. Three major drug syndicates smashed by police over the last month… Continue reading

Authorities: Nancy Garrido 'Watched Over' Kidnap Victim Jaycee Lee Dugard

Authorities: Nancy Garrido 'watched over' kidnap victim Jaycee Lee Dugard
Public records provided no clear picture of her life before she met Phillip Garrido, a divorced former musician who had worked odd jobs and had a history of drug abuse. They were married in 1981 while he was serving time… Continue reading

Prescription Drug Abuse: Healthbeat Brooklyn

Prescription Drug Abuse: Healthbeat Brooklyn — Prescription Drug Abuse: Addiction to prescription drugs is on the rise. Andrew Kolodny, MD, Chair of Psychiatry at Maimonides, tells host Monica Sweeney, MD…

Jamaican arrested in New York drug bust
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Tennessee DA Used Cars From Drug Busts for Personal Use

Tennessee DA used cars from drug busts for personal use — http://dmcantor.com/blog/ The news never ceases to amaze. Todays topic deals with a West Tennessee DA accused of using assets seized in drug busts for person…

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I Drink Too Much Soda. How Do I Stop the Habit?

Question by !: I drink too much soda. How do I stop the habit?
BTW I don’t do any kind of drugs!
No, I don’t want to drink coffee, that’s worse.

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How Drug Addiction Is Destroying Redwood Forests

How drug addiction is destroying redwood forests
Authorities say unemployment and drug addiction have spurred an increase in the destructive practice of cutting off the knobby growths at the base of ancient redwood trees to make decorative pieces like lacey-grained coffee tables and wall clocks.
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At 'Last,' the Breeders Return

At 'Last,' the Breeders return

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The tour even features Minneapolis native Carrie Bradley, who played violin on the record and plays keyboards at shows, too. … Kelley was arrested in a drug bust in 1995 and forced to face up to years of heroin… Continue reading