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I Am a Nurse in a Drug Treatment Center in Maryland?

Question by Pebbles: I am a Nurse in a drug treatment center in Maryland?
Most of our clients are homeless with kid, How can we get toy donations for these kids?

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Answer by inwardbound
call the salvation army; I don’t see why they wouldn’t… Continue reading

In Rural W.Va., Schools Rethink Their Role

In rural W.Va., schools rethink their role

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Twelve people a month die from drug overdoses here, while more than 100 people are on a waiting list to talk to rehab counselors via Skype. Three-quarters of all students live in a home where parents can't… Continue reading

Fort Worth Teen Shot During Robbery Lived a Difficult Life

Fort Worth teen shot during robbery lived a difficult life

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They didn't want to return to their southwest Fort Worth home, where they said they were treated like slaves, were not allowed to bathe and were called "bitches" by their mother. … They told… Continue reading

Drug Addiction: Experts Debate New Labels for Alcohol, Drug Addiction – nola.com

Experts Debate New Labels for Alcohol, Drug Addiction – nola.com

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Special to The Washington Post. What’s in a name? That’s a question that experts are wrestling with as they prepare to revise the diagnostic manual that spells out the criteria for addiction and other substance-use problems.… Continue reading