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Agencies Fighting Growing Heroin Problem in St. Tammany

Agencies fighting growing heroin problem in St. Tammany
In fact, heroin-related deaths are on the rise throughout St. Tammany Parish, part of a nationwide trend, according to Keith Brown, special agent in charge of the Drug Enforcement Agency's New Orleans field division. “The number of overdoses is …
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Trying to Combat Growing Drug Trade in Oil Patch

Trying to combat growing drug trade in oil patch
WILLISTON, N.D. — The blood-drenched man had survived a brutal attack: Beaten with brass knuckles, shocked with a stun gun, slashed with a razor blade, then dumped 40 miles away in Montana, he staggered to a farmhouse for help. His path… Continue reading

Project Backpage Uses Text-Messages to Help Women Involved in Prostitution

Project Backpage uses text-messages to help women involved in prostitution
Several women who received the texts have subsequently phoned CEASE or Chrysalis looking for assistance with a variety of issues, such as drug addiction and career options. The responses have also revealed new … She takes the view that… Continue reading

Addiction Helpline From Addictions UK

Addiction Helpline from Addictions UK — http://www.addictionsuk.com Craving can strike an addict at any time of the day or night. Sometimes all it takes to avoid disaster is a phone call to someone…

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Addiction Treatment Center in New York

addiction treatment center in new york — http://www.drugstrategies.org/New-York/

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What’s the Best Drug Rehab for Methamphetamine Addiction in Bronx, New York?

Question by ABRIL B: What’s the best drug rehab for methamphetamine addiction in Bronx, New York?
My boyfriend needs help very bad. He’s hooked on methamphetamine and its already affecting our relationship and his job too. I am afraid that something bad might happen to him. What’s the best drug… Continue reading

Substance Abuse Treatment Can Help You! | Rehab After Work | Philadelphia, PA (215) 342-4400

Substance Abuse Treatment Can Help You! | Rehab After Work | Philadelphia, PA (215) 342-4400 — We are here to help rid you of the substance abuse! http://rehabafterwork.com/index.html The founding principle of our company is that of helping people and …

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Drug Addiction Helpline Houston Texas (713) 425-4109

Drug Addiction helpline Houston Texas (713) 425-4109 — DRUG ADDICTION HOTLINE / HELPLINE HOUSTON TEXAS (713) 425-4109 – Drug Addiction helpline Houston Texas http://addictionhotlinehouston.com/ Drug Addiction, he…

New Teen Substance Abuse Helpline Provides Recovery Help for Young Addicts
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