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Return of Angel Dust? ERs See Spike in PCP, Synthetic Drugs

Return of angel dust? ERs see spike in PCP, synthetic drugs

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In fact, last month, the federal government's Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) announced that emergency room visits related to PCP use shot up more than 400 percent, from 14,825 to 75,538, between 2005 and… Continue reading

Molly: Pure, but Not So Simple

Molly: Pure, but Not So Simple

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Nationally, the Drug Abuse Warning Network reports that the number of MDMA-related emergency-room visits have doubled since 2004. It is possible to overdose on MDMA, though when taken by itself, the drug rarely leads to death,… Continue reading

CDC: Painkiller Overdoses 'skyrocketed' Among Women

CDC: Painkiller overdoses 'skyrocketed' among women

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According to the report, which used data from the National Vital Statistics System and the Drug Abuse Warning Network, 15,323 deaths among women were linked to drug overdoses in 2010, a rate of 9.8 per 100,000 population. A… Continue reading

Generic Drugs Health: Does It Make a Difference if It's Generic or Not?

Generic Drugs Health: Does It Make A Difference If It's Generic Or Not?

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According to a 2010 report from The Drug Abuse Warning Network, antidepressants contributed to <a href="http://www.samhsa.gov/data/2k10/WebSR018Pharma50+/Pharma50+HTML.pdf" target="_hplink">8.6 percent of emergency room visits</a> by adults …
Read more on Huffington Post Canada… Continue reading

Drug Treatment Centers Fort Worth

Dallas-Fort Worth Medical and Clinical Professionals to be Honored at Sierra

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Sierra Tucson, an international leader in the treatment of addictions, pain management, and mental and behavioral health disorders, is set to hold its Dallas-Fort Worth “Gratitude for Giving” Breakfast on… Continue reading

Fort Worth Drug Treatment Centers

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The Combined Addiction Disease Chronologies Of William White …
Calls for creation of 11 PHS treatment centers in major cities. This plan is never professionals who had worked at Lexington or Fort Worth as well as ex-addicts, treatment of drug and alcohol treatment… Continue reading