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Maryland Dems Back Decriminalizing Pot

Maryland Dems back decriminalizing pot
"I talked to people who deal with drug abuse issues, with rehabilitation issues, I became convinced that marijuana was, in fact, a threshold [sic] drug and that it would lead to the use of harder, very harmful drugs," Hoyer said on an interview with C… Continue reading

Is There a Connection Between SIDS and Drug Abuse?

Question by Bad Wolf: Is there a connection between SIDS and drug abuse?
My question is purely informational, I’m just curious. I’ve known a few people who’s babies have died of SIDS and they were all drug addicts. Heroine, meth, oxy etc… the cause of death on all the babies… Continue reading

Formal 03/19/13 Session – Norfolk City Council


Formal 03/19/13 Session – Norfolk City Council – 02:40 Ceremony – Lake Taylor Women’s Basketball 17:10 Consent agenda 17:25 R-1 A Cost Sharing Agreement with the Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Tran…


Drug abuse issues focus of Manchin's visit to Pineville

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Drug Rehab


Drug Rehab – Drug Rehab – How Philip Found a Better Form of Life www.therecoveryplace.net (866) 953-3869 Clean for 50 days, Philip is the focal point of his drug rehab, not his drug use. Becoming addicted to painkillers and cocaine, Philip was miserable. His life became unmanageable and he… Continue reading

Drug Abuse Kept in the Spotlight

Drug abuse kept in the spotlight

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"It's developed from Drug Free Aotearoa and meeting people who had a passion for helping others but didn't necessarily have the skills or confidence to move forward," she said. The training programme that will be used as part… Continue reading