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Worker Seeks Revenge

Worker seeks revenge
Mr Rolfe said Barber had issues with drugs and had suffered from an amphetamine and ice addiction for two or three years. He said … The court heard Barber had stolen the vehicle from a secure yard and driven to Geelong, where he tried to sell it.… Continue reading

Australian Alcohol Abuse

Australian Alcohol Abuse — A new survey says 12 per cent of Australians drink alcohol simply to get drunk, while 7 per cent consume alcohol just to feel normal.

Driving under the influence of ganja can cause accidents
While no similar research has been done in Jamaica, results from a… Continue reading

Manny Winning Over Round Rock, but Not Rangers

Manny winning over Round Rock, but not Rangers

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A report in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram said Rangers management is considering pulling the plug on the Ramirez experiment. General Manager … Ramirez, twice banned for performance-enhancing drugs, politely turns down interview requests. “He tells… Continue reading

Wes Bentley Opens Up About Heroin Addiction

Wes Bentley Opens Up About Heroin Addiction

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On July 24, 2007, less than two-weeks after she left her 45-day stay at Promises, Lohan was pulled over by police and arrested on five counts, including driving under the influence of alcohol, driving on… Continue reading

New Hospital for Mental Health and Addiction Services in Butler County

New hospital for mental health and addiction services in Butler County

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Addiction services, including inpatient detoxification services for drugs and alcohol, and services to treat co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders, will be a big part of what the new West Chester… Continue reading

Treatment Centers in Toms River NJ | Call 800-281-9728 for Questions


Treatment Centers in Toms River NJ | Call 800-281-9728 For Questions – Treatment Centers in Toms River NJ | Call 800-281-9728 For Questions In Toms River, NJ, you will be presented with so many options should you be looking for …


River Dell High School PTO hosts forum… Continue reading

Gooden Strikes Out Addiction

Gooden Strikes Out Addiction

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We're not a Celebrity Rehab doctor drew is under yes I was there in numb dollars drew I know a lot of repeat that shows — drama show without. … Agent on drugs — and at that time this time… Continue reading

In Rural W.Va., Schools Rethink Their Role

In rural W.Va., schools rethink their role

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Adult literacy, drug rehabilitation programs and basic medical care all will take place under the roofs of these schools. And in many cases, they're already under way even before the state approves the final deal that expands… Continue reading