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Help Finding New Doc?

Question by dsipp79: Help finding new doc?
I have been on dilaudid 4mg for chronic neck pain/headaches for over 5 months now, I was up to 4/day, I have since moved back to the Kansas City area and am having real problems finding a doctor to help me at all,… Continue reading

Children's Hospital Los Angeles Doctor Receives Physician of the Year Award

Children's Hospital Los Angeles Doctor Receives Physician of the Year Award

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Young, a resident of Hermosa Beach, came to Children's Hospital in 2007 to head the hospital's hemophilia program and develop a program in pediatric thrombosis, an abnormality in which the blood… Continue reading

Can You Become Addicted to Opioids Using Tramadol?

Question by Chloe Megan: Can you become addicted to opioids using tramadol?
The BNF states that tramadol is not suitable in people with opioid addiction. So does this mean that tramadol is not addictive?

The BNF also states that one of the side effects of tramadol is diarrhea which… Continue reading

What Does a Person Do if They Are Depressed and Have No Insurance or a Doctor ?

Question by Peyton: What does a person do if they are depressed and have no insurance or a doctor ?

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Answer by Simply_Sambo
There should be free or income based mental health facilities in your area. If you really need help or want to commit suicide then… Continue reading

Call for Drug Tests to Trap Patient Dealers

Call for drug tests to trap patient dealers

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Leading pain and addiction medicine experts say there is increasing evidence of doctors being scammed for large doses of prescription drugs, particularly addictive opioids such as OxyContin. While addicts ''doctor shopping'' for prescriptions is well …… Continue reading

Police Get Help to Stop Doctor Shopping

Police Get Help To Stop Doctor Shopping

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ALTOONA, BLAIR COUNTY – Doctor's going through medical school are warned about "doctor shopping", but police say it's still a major problem happening in central Pennsylvania almost every day. Police, pharmacists … Donald Beckstead's a doctor in… Continue reading

Macaulay Culkin Emerges After DrugAddiction Rumors

Macaulay Culkin Emerges After DrugAddiction Rumors

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After being the center of "impossibly and ridiculously fictious" drug addiction claims, actor Macaulay Culkin was spotted in Los Angeles looking, well, better than before. A not-as-frail Culkin—who was strutting a plaid shirt, jeans, blazer and… Continue reading