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Addiction Rehab Specializes in Dual Diagnosis


Addiction Rehab Specializes In Dual Diagnosis – http://www.hawaiiislandrecovery.com/ Addiction rehab specializes in dual diagnosis, holistic, one-to-one, and dolphin therapy. Call Hawaii Island Recovery at…


Oprah Winfrey will be Lindsay Lohan's 'mentor,' says mom Dina Lohan

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Krauthammer: Muslim Brotherhood 'Will Lose Badly' if It Battles Egyptian Military

Krauthammer: Muslim Brotherhood 'will lose badly' if it battles Egyptian military

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On Friday's “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer predicted that if the Mohamed Morsi regime and the Muslim Brotherhood chose the route of going to war… Continue reading

The Death and Life of Chicago

The Death and Life of Chicago

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A family that moved in, he said, most likely wouldn't pay rent or a mortgage, but wasn't that preferable to a vacant property further deteriorating, becoming a haven for gangbangers or drug users? “Hell, yeah,” the woman said,… Continue reading

Lives Are Changed at the Hard Time Corral in Guinnson, Utah

Lives Are Changed At The Hard Time Corral In Guinnson, Utah

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The ranch is built next to Utah's maximum security prison in Gunnison. Andy Anderson is serving a four year sentence for stealing painkillers. The former ranch foreman says working here helps him more than… Continue reading