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Treatment Center Exec: Drinking at Middle School Is 'a Flag, Not Just for the

Treatment center exec: Drinking at middle school is 'a flag, not just for the
"An adolescent is biologically programmed to take risks," said Jacqueline Fiore, the executive director of the YMCA Counseling Service on Staten Island, who called underage drinking a "multifaceted" problem. She noted that parents often worry… Continue reading

What Are the %’S of People Who Return to Drugs After Rehabilitation?

Question by rdmnboon: What are the %’s of people who return to drugs after rehabilitation?
I am writing an Essay for this one subject and I want to involve some percentages… What are the percentages of people who return to drugs even after being at rehab?

P.S. Please show… Continue reading

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Many cancer patients mistakenly believe chemotherapies will cure them, new

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They found that 69 percent of patients with metastatic lung cancer and 81 percent of patients with advanced colorectal cancer reported that their chemotherapy might be curative, despite the fact that the drugs… Continue reading