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Hagar: Reid Gives Local Press the DC Treatment

Hagar: Reid gives local press the DC treatment
I've never seen Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., visit his home state and appear more agitated and impatient than when he was in Reno Monday. Perhaps this is a side Reid shows to the D.C. media, but he is usually more… Continue reading

Business Digest: Comcast, Time Warner Cable Deal Examined by Lawmakers

Business digest: Comcast, Time Warner Cable deal examined by lawmakers
The eight biggest U.S. banks will have to meet more rigorous measures for holding capital — money that provides a cushion against unexpected losses — under a new rule. … Hewlett-Packard will pay the U.S. government $ 108 million to… Continue reading

Paul Tries to Deliver the Youth Vote

Paul tries to deliver the youth vote
"If you're African-American, Japanese-American, Jewish American, Hispanic, have there ever been times when the government didn't treat you fairly?" said Paul, who has proposed lower mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes and restoring voting …
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Ruling Could Have… Continue reading

Local Fiction Author

Local Fiction Author
Mexico local author Becky Lyn Rickman released her latest novel, “The Convict, the Rookie Card and the Redemption of Gertie Thump,” published by WiDo Publishing Feb. 4. The official book launch will take place from 6-8 p.m., Thursday at the Audrain …
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Over-regulation… Continue reading

Radel Resigns Months After Cocaine Bust

Radel resigns months after cocaine bust

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MIAMI (AP) — After going through rehab for cocaine and alcohol abuse and pledging that he would work through his problems to regain his Florida constituents' trust, Trey Radel's short career in Congress ended with a whimper yesterday.… Continue reading

Does It Make More Sense to Put CHEMICALLY ADDICTED People in PRISON for POSSESSION or in REHAB?

Question by Bush is not conservative: Does it make more sense to put CHEMICALLY ADDICTED people in PRISON for POSSESSION or in REHAB?
Addiction is an illness. Narcotics abuse is an illness. Logically, the purchasing, possession and abuse of a drug by an addict is as much of a… Continue reading

Former Mexican Border Official Indicted in US

Former Mexican border official indicted in US

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BROWNSVILLE (AP) – Federal prosecutors in South Texas have announced an indictment against the former governor of the Mexican border state of Tamaulipas. The indictment was unsealed Monday against … Prosecutors say Yarrington received bribes from a …… Continue reading

Actual Good Things Happen to Ordinary Citizens

Actual good things happen to ordinary citizens

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Page 1 of 1. I'm feeling a little off center today. I am used to writing columns filled with good advice that everyone in power promptly ignores. I am used to being in the minority on so… Continue reading