Narconon Nepal Drug Rehabilitation


Narconon Nepal Drug Rehabilitation – Drug Rehab in Nepal is using the drug withdrawal method (without the use of other substitute drugs) and then doing the sauna detox to sweat out the toxins from the body. Narconon Nepal is one of the 120 groups and centers around the world to use this drug treatment program. Testimonials of graduates who lead drug-free lives.


Drug-resistant gonorrhea highly prevalent in gay community

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Vanessa Allen, a researcher at Public Health Ontario who's studied the disease in Toronto, found a large pool of study candidates at the Hassle Free Clinic, which is used by many gay men and men who have sex with men. Her research proves that …


Feces transplant may help relieve severe diarrhea

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When it controls the gut, it can be difficult to eradicate. Antibiotics typically only work in 15 to 26 percent of patients with C. diff. – and after repeated rounds of treatment, the drugs become less effective. "I've done 90 of these now in the last …
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Feds announce million Alzheimer's research grant

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The Anti-Amyloid Treatment in Asymptomatic Alzheimer's disease (A4) secondary prevention trial will test an amyloid-clearing drug in the presymptomatic stage of the disease. The study population will consist of 1,000 symptom-free older volunteers who …
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Pipebomb attack on South Texas family not a drug-cartel hit

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Stratfor, an Austin-based intelligence company contends that a pipe bomb attack at a Brownsville home, where a young child was severely wounded, does not have the makings of an attempted drug-cartel hit. The package had four pipe bombs, notes the …
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