How to Deal With Opiate Addiction?

Question by greg h: How to deal with opiate addiction?
i need to find a doctor to prescribe me Buprenorphin, or I know I will continue to IV opiates. I don’t know how to initiate this process without looking like a drug seeker.

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Answer by gottaliveyourlife
You’re question talks about an addiction but you don’t want to seem to be a “drug seeker.” Talk to your doctor or someone you will trust and listen to if they tell you to seek help.

Answer by delaineyrae
sorry to hear about your problem, why cant you just check into a rehab so you know you will get the help and clean yourself out?
i honestly think that some docs like to prescribe stuff like that because they know the person is going to abuse it. i wonder if anyone has ever used a methadone clinic in a non abusive way.

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